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What is Juniors Disk?

Juniors disk is a collection of songs which I had originally compiled for my friend, Junior.

As of now, the Disk has 384 songs with a combined play time of over 24 hours!

Juniors Disk originally started back in late 2015 and we've been constantly updating it every three months with the best and most interesting tracks we could find.

If you want to try something new, weird and surprising, or if you're sick and tired of the bland crap that everybody else listens to... well then you've come to the right place =D


What kind of music do you have?

Juniors Disk features mostly Electronic music, random stuff we find on the internet and Raps... but don't be put off by what you might have heard, the music we present differs greatly from what you might expect. For example, have you ever heard:

Juniors Disk is full of tracks that have really done some weird things in very creative ways and amazing artists that have created magic for your eardrums.



Still unsure? Well then maybe this might convince you...

Listed below are all the new tracks that have just been added to Juniors Disk:

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GIT Direct

[RECOMMENDED] We suggest using our Git server because it removes the need to re-download the entire disk every single time an update is released. Click the green button above for instructions.

You can also download the disk directly as .zip or several .7z files by clicking on the blue button



If you want us to notify you when a new version of the disk is released, send us an email and we'll manually add you to the Release Mailing List.

The Email address is subs@juniorsdisk.com

Give us a few days and we'll send you a confirmation email


Get In Touch

If you want to ask questions or give feedback, you can message me, The Compiler, through my email address: compiler@juniorsdisk.com

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